Management and Services

Saluber 04 has been operating for years in the management of physical, chemical and biological water treatment and wastewater treatment plants.

Over the years technical and operational management has become the strong point of the company. Saluber 04 currently operates over 120 civil and industrial wastewater and water treatment plants.

The management related services are as follows:

Chemical and bacteriological water analysis*;
(*Water analysis is entrusted to trained and certified external laboratories)
- Video-inspections;
- Automatic emptying and sludge disposal;
- Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of mechanical equipment;
- Supply of products and reagents;
- Process control and automation

Other environmental and remediation consulting services  are:

- Sampling and environmental analysis;
- Investigations on the contamination of soil and water;
- Project monitoring and remediation;
- Construction of experimental plants for process control;
- Safety and remediation actions.

Saluber 04 offers consulting services and technical and operational support for technical offices, public bodies and industry in relation to procedures for AUA, AIA issuance / renewal authorization for wastewater discharge.

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