Industrial Sector

Saluber 04 has gained expertise and aims to treat wastewater and first rain produced by industrial activities; our products are aimed at the following sectors:

- Paper
- Tanneries
- Paint - Painting
- Scrap deposits
- Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
- Packaging
- Textile
- Industrial laundries and dry cleaners
- Cosmetic and trichological sector
- Sector recycling plastics

The technologies most suitable for the treatment of wastewater are based on biological processes that can be integrated by preliminary treatment, physical-chemical treatment and sludge treatment.

For plants built for clients in the industrial sector, the treatment sections are the following:

- Preliminary treatment
- Biological treatment
- Chemical-physical treatment
- Sludge treatment
- Tertiary  systems

In the residential sector, great attention is paid to technological innovation and at the same time maximizing yield performance: this is the philosophy that guides the design and construction of the plants constructed on-site and the prefabricated compact modules that can be adopted for small installations.

Saluber 04 designs and manufactures:

- Wastewater and rainwater treatment plants;

In the industrial sector this type of treatment is used to treat rainwater in forecourts, yards and work areas as well as materials handling and storage.

Saluber 04 provides technical support throughout the design process, on the choice of technology that best suits clients' needs (upgrade or custom made construction), on the subsequent steps in the design, construction and eventual management of the plant chosen.

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