Biological Treatment - Activated Sludge Process

The activated sludge biological treatment systems designed and manufactured by our company are reliable and easy to manage  in the treatment of industrial wastewater  as well as the treatment of urban wastewater. The small treatment plants, up to 200 population equivalent, are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete tanks, in steel or in fiberglass, if installed above ground. For potential capacity for over 2,000 equivalent inhabitants, the construction is mainly carried out with on site plant concrete work.

The plants can be completely concealed up to 2,000 equivalent inhabitants; all of the sections are installed underground and covered with topsoil restoring the original landscape after carrying out the works thus improving the environmental integration and minimizing the visual impact.

The activated sludge plants for civil and industrial applications are used for the abatement of the organic load (COD, BOD), nitrogen compounds (TKN, NO2, NO3, NH4) and for the removal of phosphorus.

Saluber 04 adopts the best technologies during design in order to reduce energy consumption, to limit the production of sludge and to achieve high level efficiencies to reduce pollutants in wastewater treatment.

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